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Front End

Frontend Development Services
Delivering solutions that help scale and sustain user experience Frontend development is essentially about creating dynamic user experiences. It’s about developing great websites with the perspective of end-users—what they see, what they interact with, and how they use a functionality—in mind. Frontend developers perform a number of tasks from coding, designing to debugging applications, in order to provide a seamless user experience. They build the look and feel of the website that attracts customers and provides you a competitive edge.
Getting your front end right is essential to seamlessly engage users and build brand loyalty. If you are interested to power your business with innovative frontend solutions and carve a niche in the ever-expanding customer market, look no further than RowthTech. We are a renowned front-end development company, delivering value-driven web and mobile experiences. We have helped several top-tier companies accelerate their customer engagement and fuel their pace of growth online, and we would love to assist you too


Angular Development Services
High-Quality Apps to Spark Performance at Scale
While apps vary greatly in use, scope, size, and popularity, they often contain a common ingredient—
AngularJS. AngularJS is a Java script based open-source web framework preferred for developing highly scalable mobile and desktop web applications. Backed by Google, it’s fast, developer-friendly, robust, and reliable and is used for many front-end developments and single page applications. A key advantage of using AngularJS is its supreme extensibility. It can modify or replace any feature, creating readable and expressive environments that suit your unique development workflows.
Rowth Tech is a leading AngularJS development company dedicated to building simple to sophisticated applications that inspire growth. Our experts have built trendsetting apps for versatile business needs and helped a number of enterprises stay ahead of the curve. Hire AngularJS developers from Rowth Tech and smarten up your IT landscape with our powerful app solutions. All you have to do is contact us.


Defining the styles on your website
Together with JavaScript and HTML, CSS is one of the three cornerstones of app development. CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that dictates the look and feel of a document written in a markup language like HTML. It’s a mechanism that governs how a web document will appear to the end viewers.
It helps you to define the styles on your web pages. This includes multiple parameters like your design, layout, fonts, colors, spacing and variations in display for different screen sizes and devices. CSS is a crucial framework that can vastly improve your content’s accessibility, provide more flexibility in your presentation choices and enable multiple web pages to share the same formatting. More than anything however, it increase consistency and reduces complexity in your structural content


Interactive, dynamic, cross-platform websites
Together with CSS and JavaScript, HTML is one of the three cornerstones that drive the World Wide Web. Developers the world over trust and use Hyper Text Markup Language. Such is its popularity, that HTML is used in 83% of the world’s websites as the mark-up language of choice.
HTML has been used from early ages of web for structuring and presenting content. As the web has advanced, so has the capabilities of HTML. From its cross-browser functionality and cleaner code, to its video and audio support and it’s mobile-ready performance, HTML allows developers to build more interactive and dynamic websites with enhanced capabilities. When it comes to developing websites and apps where content can be accessed across all platforms, without compromising on user experience, it has to be HTML


Building modern, immersive, and interactive front-end solutions
jQuery is a powerful multi-browser and cross-browser JavaScript library. It is hugely popular; thanks to its ability to facilitate hassle-free usage of JavaScript. It’s used by developers across the world to build everything that users see and interact with on the web and mobile applications or on user interfaces. Be it traversing HTML documents or selecting DOM (Document Object Model) elements to modify web pages based on customer interactions, jQuery is designed to make things simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers.


Build fast, high-performing apps
When it comes to building customized apps and platforms, there are few scripting languages as popular and trusted as JavaScript (JS). JavaScript is the language of choice for developers around the world. It allows for the creation of highly dynamic and responsive websites. Crucially, these websites have a similar processing speed and load time to desktop applications.
Stack Overflow’s Annual Survey of 2018 named JavaScript as the most commonly used programming language, for the sixth year in a row. In fact, leading tech giants such as Airbnb, Instagram, Yahoo and more, use JavaScript regularly. Powerful, efficient and great for building fast and high-performing web, desktop and mobile apps, JavaScript is loved by leading developers worldwide, including us.


Improving experiences to enhance engagement
PreactJS is hugely popular amongst the global developer community. Created by Jason Miller, it is renowned for its compatibility and small size footprints. More than anything, it is its speed and efficiency that sets it apart. PreactJS is very similar to ReactJS. It uses the same tools and techniques to create leading lightweight web apps and user interfaces. However, PreactJS creates them even faster and far more efficiently.
PreactJS is popular because it’s fast, portable and embeddable. What’s more, it includes additional performance features like customizable update batching, optional asynchronous rendering, DOM recycling and optimized event handling via Linked State. Preact’s tiny footprint means you can take the powerful Virtual DOM Component paradigm to new places it couldn’t otherwise go.


ReactJS is a leading JavaScript library for building user interfaces or single-page applications. Developed by Jordan Walke around 2011, it was originally and exclusively used as an in-house capability by Facebook. Currently, ReactJS is a reigning open-source technology used by brands such as Instagram, Netflix, Yahoo, and other big social media corporations.
ReactJS allows you to build declarative, simple interfaces that intelligently render the change without reloading the browser or manipulating the DOM (Document Object Model). This ensures the painless delivery of interactive user interfaces to the customer. ReactJS helps enterprises ride the digital wave with a component-based architecture that enables the developers to create reusable components for the user interface. If you are looking to hire ReactJS developers to build interactive and engaging UIs, get in touch with us.